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Maryland’s consumer alcohol advocates release positive economic impact report on chain store sales – $100 million additional business activity, 500 additional jobs

Baltimore, Maryland – December 19, 2012

Marylanders for Better Beer & Wine Laws (MBBWL), Maryland’s progressive alcohol consumer advocacy group, released today its commissioned economic impact study evaluating how chain store beer and wine sales would impact Maryland ("The Economic and Fiscal Impacts of Better Wine & Beer Policy in Maryland").  Performed by the Sage Policy Group (“Sage”), Maryland’s foremost economic impact consulting firm, Sage found the following if Maryland were to allow its chain retailers to sell beer and wine:

  • Beer and wine sales in chain stores will generate an economic impact approaching $100 million annually. Upfront licensing fees would generate $72 million for the State of Maryland and permanent/annual fiscal impacts would exceed $22 million;
  • The availability of beer and wine at Maryland’s chain stores will result in a net increase of 5.5% in total annual Maryland beer consumption (+$64.6 million) and a 6.5% increase in wine consumption (+$16.1 million);
  • Beer and wine sales at current off-premise license holders (e.g., liquor stores) will decline only 1.1% and 1.6% in dollar terms, respectively. This translates into an average of $13,624 in lost beer sales annually and $3,489 in lost wine sales annually per current off-premise license holder;
  • The number of jobs created directly and secondarily by expanded sales activity approaches 500.

“This report conclusively shows how much Maryland and its citizens would benefit from entering the 21st Century,” said Adam Borden, President of MBBWL.  “We were surprised by the magnitude of impact and reassured that existing retail licensees would continue in business with little affect.  So many businesses and consumers would benefit from this law change that we hope they will contact their elected officials in Annapolis to make it a reality.”

The report evaluated the impact on chain stores, existing licensees, in-state breweries and in-state wineries.  Click on the following link to download a complete copy of "The Economic and Fiscal Impacts of Better Wine & Beer Policy in Maryland."

Released by: Marylanders for Better Beer & Wine Laws.  Our mission is to represent a diverse group of Maryland constituents in advocating for improved alcohol laws in our state.  Our 20,000+ member, consumer-led advocacy non-profit pushes to modernize Maryland alcohol law.  We led the fight to legalize wine shipping in Maryland which became law in 2011 and restaurant corkage which became law in 2012.

Adam Borden, President
Marylanders for Better Beer & Wine Laws    
Anirban Basu, Chairman & CEO
Sage Policy Group
 Phone:      443-570-8102      410-522-7243

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