Bobby Zirkin Floor Amendment

Senator Bobby Zirkin (D-Baltimore County) introduced an amendment to the Winery Modernization Act (SB858) that was aired on the Senate floor on March 23rd and that would have attached the direct shipping bill to it.  Here is a link to the file, and below is a listing of the speakers.

Speaking in order are:
•   .02     President Miller (intro)
•   .21     Senator Jamie Raskin (shipping bill sponsor—opposing amendment)
•   3:31   President Miller
•   3:38   Senator Catherine Pugh (opposing amendment)
•   4:20   President Miller
•   4:27   Senator Munson (opposing amendment,)
•   5:58   Senator Kelly (supporting amendment)
•   6:37   Senator Mooney (supporting amendment, proposing "Special Order" to hold bill until Friday), Mooney loses vote
•   7:27   Senator Kittleman (opposing amendment)
•   8:35   Senator Dyson (opposing amendment)
•   11:50   President Miller (history lesson)
•   12:25   Senator Brinkley (opposing amendment)
•   13:00   Senator Zirkin (motioning to withdraw the amendment)
•   14:09   Senator Mooney (motioning to resist withdrawal of amendment)
•   14:18   Senator Harrington (supporting Zirkin's withdrawal of the amendment, talking about shipping hearing)
•   15:45   President Miller (talking about protocol and stating he's not for "the elimination of the three tier")
•   16:28   Senator Mooney (opposing withdrawal)
•   16:45   President Miller (calling vote on Mooney's resist to Zirkin's withdrawal—Mooney loses vote, amendment withdrawn).

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