Direct Wine Shipper Permit & FAQs

If you want to apply for Maryland's Direct Wine Shipper's Permit, here are some forms that might be helpful for you:

The Direct Wine Shipper's Permit

You can also download the form from our website by clicking here.

The Direct Wine Shipper's Bond Application

In order to obtain the bond, a winery can either deposit $1,000 with the Maryland Comptroller or purchase a surety bond with a $1,000 face amount.  To purchase a surety bond, most multi-state carriers can assist wineries that have them in other states.  If the winery is not sure where to turn, please download this document which has the application form and contact information for a Maryland insurance broker who works with Liberty Mutual.  *** THE WINERY IS NOT OBLIGATED TO USE THIS BROKER OR INSURER. ***  We are merely providing this information to expedite the winery obtaining the permit.

The Comptroller's office issued some FAQ's about the permit:

Frequently Asked Questions about Direct Wine Shipper Licensing

1. Where do I apply for the Direct Wine Shipper Permit and Bond?

The application, checklist and bond form are available at the Comptroller of Maryland’s website.

2. What are the reporting requirements for the permit?

The Direct Wine Shipper Tax Return must be filed. It is currently in production and will also be available at the above website. A Sales Tax Return must be filed with the Sales and Use Tax Division of the Comptroller’s Office. Directions on how to file this return can be found at this website.

3. Approximately how long will it take the Comptroller's Office to approve a winery permit application?

It will typically take 5-7 business days, as long as the application is complete and all information requested on the checklist has been submitted.

4. Who should wineries contact within the Comptroller's Office with questions about licensing?

You may contact Licensing & Registration at 410-260-7327.

5. If a winery does not yet have a renewed license from its own state due to processing delays, can the winery still apply for the permit?

They may still apply but will need to send a copy of their completed renewal application along with verification of their payment.

6. How should an out-of-state winery obtain insurance for its Maryland bond requirement if it chooses not to deposit the bond directly with the Comptroller of Maryland?

They would need to contact a surety company to obtain a bond. The bond form would be completed and signed by the winery and the surety company and mailed with the permit application to Licensing and Registration. The winery can also submit $1,000 payment for a cash bond.

7. Can wine-of-the-month clubs like those from the New York Times or Wall Street Journal obtain this permit?

No, they cannot. The qualifications for applicants are:
a. Holder of a Maryland Class 3 or Class 4 Manufacturer's license or
b. Person licensed outside of Maryland to engage in the manufacture of wine.

Wineries with Permits

Wineries Able to Ship to MD

Here is a link to the Comptroller's website. Search for "DW-Direct Wine Shippers Permit" under permit type.

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